Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hair Style Change Plz

K so I've been talking about my lack of hair styles for weeks now. This week is officially the last of school this semester. My plan is to put my kinky twists in directly after school ends. Hopefully this one will actually happen. So far my other hair plans have been dropped ridiculously. Since my BC in July 08 I have been really good with dcing 2x a month and washing 4x a month. Well I haven't washed my hair at all in at least 2 weeks and I've only cowashed once in that time. Plus, I haven't moisturized my hair in days. Ugh I know. I blame it on stress, drama, and tiredness.

Today is Wednesday and I still have two more finals this week plus Mother's Day on Sunday. So hopefully Saturday I will give my hair a lil TLC...she really deserves it for holding up with all the crap I've been giving her lately lol.

Monday I plan to start on my hair. Part of me wants to hold off, because my "friend" doesn't like when women have hairstyles in their heads for more than 3 three weeks. I guess she will have to suck it up and love my hair however I decide to wear it. :)

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