Monday, October 6, 2008

A Classic Wknd

This wknd was very interesting for me. I attended a Wynton Marsalis jazz concert on Friday which was great. A pic from that night is the one with the blue polo. On Saturday I went to the Circle Centre football game in Indianapolis with an old church friend. Then ended the night going out to a club with my cousin...great great wknd.

Typically, I use many products on my hair and I wash my hair once a week. I wash my hair with Organix-Coconut Milk shampoo then deep condition with the Coconut Milk conditioner. This time I coated my entire head with the product and combed through it(always always start combing from the tips Not from the root) then I applied a Coconut oil and water spritz. I've been trying something new with my hair. For the last two weeks, I've been using a hair creme made a friend's mother. Also, I have made a spritz that includes pure aloe vera gel, glycerin, rose water, and regular water. This stuff makes your hair sooo soft.

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Traycee said...

Loved your hair...Marsalis and his brother is my best friend cousin...Pretty cool huh..