Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hair Confusion

I have been searching for staple products for years now, looking to find the ones that "work" for me. What the heck does that mean exactly. Not brittle?...uh none of my products leave my hair brittle. Besides that....what are other ways beyond the shine of ur hair that lets u know ur doing something right. Breakage hasn't been a problem since I've been natural so that doesn't help. Spilt ends?...maybe I could be more aware of that if I actually looked at my ends more often(Yea that's definitely on my lists of things to do).

I think my main obstacle is that I'm trying to kick all commercial products to the curb. This is in regards to my hair, face, body(including lotions), and maybe even deodorant. This has been a hard task, not so much because I like all the products I already have so much but because I'm too cheap to throw it all away lol. I currently have a few commercial products left, but the majority of my tote of products are oils, shea butter, black soap, castile soap, acv, and the list continues.

I've been told so many things about what our hair needs from so many ppl I don't know who to trust now lol. I'm worried that I'm going to f up my hair to tell u the truth. Maybe I should continue with my trial and error and cross my fingers that nothing will go wrong.

Soooo I'm definitely still looking for a few concoctions(or a element) for the following:

  • Deep Condish(Do I really even need it now?)
  • Hair Moisturizer/Leave-In(Is it true that an oil might be all I need? If u can prepoo with just castor/coconut/evoo/jojoba oils and it does wonders with ur moisture after washing it out y can't I use it as a moisturizer on a frequent basis?)


  • Mild Face Moisturizer (Both Coconut and Shea Butter break my face out on during warm months)
  • Toner(I'm using ACV and it keeps my face ok just ok)
As far as my face goes its too the point that I don't get break outs anymore, but I want to work on my blemishes and splotches.

~Sista in Need lol


Tania Laure said...

I think trial and error is the best track. If oil works for you then keep using it. Just because it doesn't work for someone else doesn't mean its not perfect for you. you're not reporting on how horrible your hair looks or feels, so your hair must be doing well.

In terms of face products, its really hard to go natural especially when moisturizers and toners don't have natural ingredients. I say try to use a product that is as close to natural as one can get. In terms of working on bumps and splotches, try using olive oil at night I hear it works really well to clear skin. anything you choose to do, make sure you stick with it long enough to know whether its working well or poorly.

Hope this helped!

KurlyQue said...

Thanks. I prolly don't even need a face moisturizer bc my face doesn't feel the least bit dry after I wash it...I just kinda feel like I should have one. O and I once started using toner(ACV) twice a day like u recommended I don't get any break outs at all. I've been doing it twice a day since july! I will try the olive oil at night. Thanks :)