Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love DCing!!!

So I hate to have to style my hair all the time(more than every two weeks.) but I will admit I love washing my hair even tho it is an event. Is that wierd. I love how it feels to get my scalp all soapy and my hair all over the place. I make sure that I don't get it squeaky clean, because our hair needs to retain some of its the nutrients. My favorite part is when I make some random concoction for my DC, put my hair in two cornrows, and relax under my hooded dryer for 15min.

Sometimes I mix condishs(ones I'm trying to use up with ones I like) together and throw in some essential oils.

I'm trying to use this one up


and a couple of these

Other times I use
and I love it. Two weeks ago I tried


I loved how my hair felt afterward. So today I'll try this method again....I can't wait.


LoveMeMore said...

I LOVE the ORS Olive Oil Condish! Since I have been transitioning my hair is sooooo thick i use more than half the bottle and it's not the same results as before.

I spotted the Organix poos & condish in Walgreens last week, I was tempted to try but thought I find out more first. Do you use both or just the condish?

KurlyQue said...

Well I bought mine in sets and I refuse to spend money and not use the products. I like the condish alot more than the shampoo. When using the shampoo I mixed an equal amount of condish in my hands before putting it in my head. I find that the shampoo leaves my hair with that "to clean" feeling when using it alone.