Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So easily distracted

So, if you noticed I have really been falling by the waist side with this natural journey thing as a whole. I've been seeing so many blogs from individuals feeling the same way. I mean its hard keeping up with school, a social life, a relationship, a health in general. I started off so strong and I'm determined to continue.
I refuse to let myself get distracted with school, my relationship is great, and my hair is still looking pretty good.
I did notice a few flakes for the first time since my BC ughhh, but hopefully its not suffering horribly from my neglect. I still have been keeping up with my biweekly DC, so imma pat myself on my back for that. And I have been protective styling it up, although I find when I spend nights with my boyfriend I forget to wear my bonnet.

It may look like I've been wearing my hair free alot but I def haven't. I only wear twistouts for a max of one day.

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